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VERTESZ Electronics Ltd. focuses its attention to three market segments of industrial electronic; The first is telecontrol (SCADA projects) of medium voltage secondary distribution network by TELPAM product range. The second is producing measuring devices (transmitters) for electric energy distribution networks and network analyser equipment for measuring power quality in accordance with EN50160. The third is delivering energy counting systems for economy objects.

In the first segment we manufacture RTU units for pole mounted switches or cable ring-main units installed on MV network points. These RTU points are connected to a central dispatcher centre delivered by VERTESZ or other companies. The communication methods are URH radios, GPRS modems or fibre optic cables. MV switches are manufactured by Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, Novexia and other smaller companies. VERTESZ has installed more thousands equipment in Hungary. VERTESZ started the installation of related RTU products in 1995.


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